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Network Device's SNMP Version (EDF & Script)

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Although, I am not going to spend time on the reasons on how and why but... When the Network Probe does its discovery and detections, some devices are never detected as SNMP enabled devices. Or in some case, the wrong SNMP version is detected/set for the devices. This is sometimes the reason a device will not SNMP walk or collect. With this script, you have the ability to see what LabTech has detected as the device's SNMP version (or even if it did) and allow you to change it at will.


Network Device SNMP Version Maintenance - LabTech 2013 Only



Non-LabTech Default - Updates device's SNMP version after a device's SNMP Version EDF has been modified. If the SNMP Versions EDF has never been set, then the script gets SNMP version from the networkdevices tables and sets it for the network device's SNMP Version EDF. The script issues a Probe FasTalk at the start and Refresh Configuration after at the end. Therefore, it must be run from a probe.


Download Links

LabTech XML Expansion File - FileSwap

LabTech XML Expansion File - Google Drive



- Sends probe FasTalk at start and Refresh Config at end of the script

- Sets initial EDF value if it’s missing and the device has a SNMP version set.

- Updates the device’s SNMP version if the EDF has been changed.

- Auto set the probe’s default community string (the first one in set the probe) if missing and the device SNMP version set.

- Very detailed – logging nearly every step of the way.

- Script's default location: Scripts > Actions > Network Device SNMP Version Maintenance

- Must be run on a Network Probe - (Running the script only affects the network devices at the NP's own location).


How to Use

- Download and Import to LabTech.

- Run the script to Initially set the SNMP Version EDF.

- Make any wanted changes to device's SNMP versions.

- Run the script again to push the changes out officially.


Screenshots - Polished it up since screenshots.


Shot of the New Network Device EDF



Example of Initially Setting the SNMP Version EDF



Example of Changing the Device’s SNMP Version


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I just tried importing the script but nothing appears, no errors either. I've checked in the all scripts dataview just in case its been dropped into another directory, but no. Nothing.


I've repeated the task a few times.. I know, rather pointless but you can never be sure you missed something important. I've also tried importing it on the LT server - same result.


EDIT: never mind. I've just noticed the '2013 only' above. I'm still on 2012. So, we can conclude that it doesn't work on 2012.



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The links don't have any previews available, but I can confirm 100% that the Google Drive still has the file...

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Please disregard this custom EDF & Script solution. You will be able see and change SNMP versions naively in LabTech 2013.1 build (not available yet as of today). Every network device's management window in LT2013.1 will show current its SNMP version the NP is using and allow changes to the version NP is using to communicate.

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