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  1. captainu99

    Use a computer edf variable in a remote monitor.

    Its a computer edf. Should I set it somewhere else maybe on the location EDF's? Im not sure what you are reffering to when you say "Have you resent config setting the value"
  2. captainu99

    Use a computer edf variable in a remote monitor.

    Hmm... tried it and its outputting exactly what I typed and not the variable that its storing. Not sure what I did wrong.
  3. captainu99

    Store Bitlocker Recovery Key In Labtech?

    Good points. I also switched to shell and manage-bde instead since I had an issue with backward compatibility. So far I have as follows 1) Test if TPM is enabled (Powershell) Since I can't find a way to get this using manage-bde a. Test and then update EDF (I use this in case it doesn't have bitlocker enabled I know I can push out enable to the computer) 2) Call Script Test bitlocker status on and set EDF(I couldn't get the roles that @Gavsto created to work properly But if I do then I would use it instead :-)) a. Call a test bitlocker status script (I Use manage-bde for backward compatibility)(I broke it apart since I run this script once a day on all agents to detect bitlocker is enabled and then join it to a group so that I can script against it) b. Update the EDF if protection on 3) Call Script Get Bitlocker Keys and store in EDF (Broke it apart so I can call just that section based on the group its part of) a. Switched to manage-bde since its backward compatible. Current Issue In the Get Bitlocker Keys and store in EDF I am grabbing the full output and storing it how can I grab a specific part of the returned information and only store that in the edf Scripts Master Script I am adding in the enable Bitlocker and set the EDF's Script I put together this should include all other scripts since it calls them. I used powershell for the enable bitlocker part since any system I am using it on is windows 10 or later. Get Bitlocker Status and Record Keys then set EDF's_V3.xml Enable Bitlocker and set the EDF's_V1.xml
  4. captainu99

    Script for power management

    @chadgrossTHank You this was exactly what I was looking for,
  5. Ahh crap ๐Ÿ™‚ You got good stuff and I learned a lot reading through them.
  6. @DarrenWhite99 The links appear down. Are you able to resend them? I would like to browse through them and understand how you accomplished this. Thanks
  7. captainu99

    ShadowCopy Enabled?

    Just ran into an issue where we thought it was running and it stopped 2 weeks ago. Im gonna build a script for this but some quick googling gave me an idea something similar to this https://kb.paessler.com/en/topic/65026-monitor-shadow-copies-age Im gonna build it out in labtech framework.
  8. captainu99

    Store Bitlocker Recovery Key In Labtech?

    @JacobsaSee attached for revision2 where I added in @DarrenWhite99Email Technician so that you don't have to manually check if the script was successful. The issue I have with the current way I check for Bitlocker encrypting (100 percent), so I can't use this as part of an enabled BitLocker and store key all in the same script. Get Bitlocker Status then set EDF's.xml
  9. Is there a way for me to reference a computer extra data field variable in a remote monitor?
  10. captainu99

    Script Vs Monitor

    I am looking for some advice on the proper way to structure the following concept. Goal - Detect if a backup has not run for a custom software raise a ticket on our service board if it has not run in over 2 hours. Task - A backup is created once an hour and the file is stored in a specific folder. Ideas 1) Create a script that runs against a group every hour or so that will check if a new file has been created within 2 hours. If there is no file created within the past 2 hours open a ticket/Rais an alert Issues - Creating updating and closing tickets is turning into a real headache when trying to do it from a script 2) Create a script that runs against a group every hour or so that will check if a new file has been created within 2 hours. Store Data in EDF have an internal monitor that checks the EDF and raises tickets based on the results stored in the EDF. Issues - I have no real knowledge with sql and I cant figure out how to get the monitor to check the EDF status. 3)Create a script that runs against a group every hour or so that will check if a new file has been created within 2 hours. Store results to a txt file on the computer and have a remote monitor that checks the txt file and raises tickets if it has specific results.
  11. captainu99

    Rename A Computer Script

    Thanks for all the help. I see some areas that I need to fix up once the kinks are worked out I'll repost the updated script.
  12. captainu99

    Rename A Computer Script

    Thank You. I cleaned it based on some of your script. 1) Prompt for new computer name when running the script 2) Runs script (Thanks @MGreen) 3) Emails tech and logs script results @DarrenWhite99 Rename Computer Requires Powershell 3.0.xml
  13. captainu99

    Rename A Computer Script

    @MGreen Thank you. I will read through it. (BTW: A server cant work if its unplugged ๐Ÿ™‚) For now, my script works with powershell 3.0 "Rename-Computer" Whats the best way for me to check if a computer has powershell 3.0 installed? Also what command do I need in order for Autoamte to show the correct computer name? I thought it was "Resend System Information" yet it still shows the old computer name in automate.
  14. captainu99

    Rename A Computer Script

    I figured so. Any insight into a command to use that won't require credentials?
  15. Something so simple is giving me a huge headache. I would like to create a script that renames a computer and then prompts the user to reboot/Reboots Any Advice? No matter what I select "Powershell" or "Powershell as admin" Powershell Command - Rename-computer โ€“newname โ€œ@NewComputerName@โ€ Error Rename-computer : Fail to rename computer 'currentcomputername' to 'newcomputername' due to the following exception: Access is denied. At line:1 char:1 + Rename-computer -newname "WLK-WS-UM1" + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : OperationStopped: (WIL-WS-UM1:String) [Rename-Computer], InvalidOperationException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : FailToRenameComputer,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.RenameComputerCommand