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  1. RSS Feed to Slack

    RSS Feed to Slack channel #rssfeed-ltgeek should have been fixed keep an eye and please let the admins know if you notice it not working.
  2. LabTechGeek Updates/Annoucements

    On behalf of the admins we really appreciate all your support and we're all strongly on the side of being very open about the LTG projects and where the money will be going to help assuage any concerns. As a relatively new admin I can say the previous admins have done a fantastic job here and I hope to continue helping them improve and build this community to be even better. Props to Kspooner specifically for moving forward and staying on top of these new changes as well as his impeccable announcements and ability to cover all points
  3. LabTechGeek Updates/Annoucements

    Awesome! Looking forward to the new things for us