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  1. MGreen

    Run script function as location admin?

    You can pull it from sql...
  2. MGreen

    Computer Warranty Updater (HP/Dell/Lenovo)

    Amazing work! I'll be checking this out today.
  3. MGreen

    Data Growth Monitoring

    Really interested to see what anyone comes up with.
  4. MGreen

    Domain Computers without Automate Agent

    Imported! Lets see if we're missing any @DarrenWhite99
  5. MGreen

    Agent Status and User Idle Time Dataview

    All of Darren's posts are 5 star, this Dataview is just what one of my guys has been begging me for -happy to see it off my plate
  6. Yea my version is from Pilot but I can't imagine they pulled it, it was one of the most talked about features.
  7. As you can see in this screenshot, the Control button is on the main Control Center window, and also here its in the right click menu as well. My version is 4.0.12000.4 of the CWC Plugin.
  8. Let me screenshot what it looks like with the updated plugin and see if i can grab version numbers. Did you resync sol center?
  9. If you're running on an older version of the SC Plugin you will not see the button, however the button does exist both in the right click context menu and on the main toolbar of the main CC window. Check for Sol Center updates and make sure both SC and the Plugin are fully updated
  10. MGreen

    DNS Forwarder Monitoring

    This monitor immediately picked up issues across a lot of customers who don't even know they have problems. It'll also allow us to enforce in an automated fashion what DNS Forwarders we use as a standard. This is amazing.
  11. MGreen

    Decode configs.gz

    ohh can we use this to check the server side against the client side to tell if its being updated with the latest copy?
  12. MGreen

    RSS Feed to Slack

    RSS Feed to Slack channel #rssfeed-ltgeek should have been fixed keep an eye and please let the admins know if you notice it not working.
  13. MGreen

    LabTechGeek Updates/Annoucements

    On behalf of the admins we really appreciate all your support and we're all strongly on the side of being very open about the LTG projects and where the money will be going to help assuage any concerns. As a relatively new admin I can say the previous admins have done a fantastic job here and I hope to continue helping them improve and build this community to be even better. Props to Kspooner specifically for moving forward and staying on top of these new changes as well as his impeccable announcements and ability to cover all points
  14. MGreen

    LabTechGeek Updates/Annoucements

    Awesome! Looking forward to the new things for us