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    This script forces an update of the Active Directory remote plugin and tries to push in the most up to date information.
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    Certified Spoon friendly.
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    It's a good question, Mike. What we have to remember is all the LabTech Admins (myself included) have full time roles in other companies and forming a company/non profit is a significant amount of work on top of everything else for not that much benefit to the community as a whole. I personally think that having transparency on the money that is spent is enough. Though what you are saying is not impossible, both Kyle and Martyn would have to both commit career suicide to do such a thing. It's also worth mentioning that the servers this forum is running on and all the stuff underneath has been bankrolled for years without community input. If their motives were money backed then this forum wouldn't be here A message to everyone overall; the improvements we want to make will be a significant step forward for the community as a whole. I'd like to think that everyone who uses these forums and the slack have probably had significantly more than a donation amount worth of resources out of the community in general. Please donate and help us make it even better for everyone!