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  1. Hikato

    Forum Search Issues

    Did you search within a topic or forum? The new search system is kinda odd. For example, if you try to search while viewing this thread, it will only search this thread unless you change it from "This Thread" to "All Content" or another choice.
  2. Hikato

    Forum Search Issues

    We've done a complete reindex of the search for the forums, and it seems to have resolved a bunch of the issues with the searching. If you continue to have any issues, please post here and we'll be sure to check them out! Thanks! LabTechGeek Staff
  3. It's a ScreenConnect extension. We have a standalone license, so I'm not sure if that matters or not. Thank you, I did find the extension. I didn't realize that by "modified" you really meant that you changed the code form the extension, essentially using the extension as a starting point. I now understand that and have adapted it into a trigger which which is working great. Where I'm still lost is how to get the tech username (from LabTech) over to ScreenConenct in order to be displayed. I don't have the LabTech integration anymore. All of our technicians log in and use ScreenConnect through the web interface with LDAP. I disabled the LabTech plugin as the deployment worked pretty well, but I noticed a bunch of machines got skipped. I also have a script to custom deploy ScreenConnect to the right group (so once I set up my session groups, ex. "Client - Location", it sets those custom attributes upon install), and a script that will generate all of my session groups straight from the LabTech DB. I planned to release all of this eventually, but it looks like these may end up being features anyway.
  4. It's a ScreenConnect extension. We have a standalone license, so I'm not sure if that matters or not.
  5. I modified the "Auto Respond to Message" extension to send a chat message upon a technician connecting. I did it through the extension so I could pass the technician's name and easily turn it off and on. Then with the app.config, I made it so Always On Top is true, that way when the chat message is sent, it pops to the top. For example, if Bob connects, it will send the following chat message: "Company: Technician Bob has connected."