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  1. I am running in to a problem with certain USB HDD's throwing disk space failures. There actually ISNT a disk space issue, but since some users will sometimes remove the HDD, the monitor fails with "Unable to query drive ** for free space" ect. I know by default the disk space monitor creation excludes anything with *USB* in the name, but some of my users removable HDDs don't have USB in the name. Is there anyway to not throw a failure just because the drive is removed? Or to modify the monitor creation script to not monitor certain volumes on certain agents?
  2. CurtisS

    Simple Ping Monitor

    I am trying to get an email alert to tell me the Name of a Sonicwall, when the connectivity fails. So far, in the alert I can only get the name of the probe monitoring the Sonicwall to show, but cannot get the name of the Sonicwall it is monitoring. LabTech support says this is not possible, and I will need to hard code it in. Any ideas?