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  1. DarrenWhite99

    Offboarding of Offline Agents

    There are solutions to the Control Session problem, but they have limitations (don't easily work for hosted partners as they generally rely on LTServer Execute+PowerShell) and there isn't an official Control API. You can use the ConnectWiseControlPowerShell (CWCPoSh) module, or the RMM+ Control Extension to issue commands to sessions, and dig around to find that event 42 ends a session and 100 uninstalls and ends. If you DID issue event 42 (or 100) your offboarding script (if still in communication with the agent) could manually remove the Control service and files. I recently added a step in my offline retire script that checks the agent last contact time (using CWCPoSh) and will not retire the agent if it has been online more recently than the specified days. IE., if the agent has been offline for 30 days, but Control saw it online yesterday, it would refuse to retire the agent). You can also use Control to repair broken agents (if they aren't really gone). Because all these scripts require use of credentials or API keys, and are somewhat specific to your environment, I don't know that anyone has shared a ready made script that includes Control integration, I have no immediate plans to publish mine. This really is something that SHOULD be built in, and a feature request should be made to ask that when an agent is retired the control plugin ALSO fires off a session delete to keep things in sync.
  2. DarrenWhite99

    Use a computer edf variable in a remote monitor.

    Confirm: Is this a computer, client, or location EDF? Have you resent config since setting the value?
  3. DarrenWhite99

    Autosort computers to locations

    Yeah. %RouterAddress% is a string and must be referenced as '%RouterAddress%' in the query.
  4. DarrenWhite99

    Use a computer edf variable in a remote monitor.

    Yes. Here is an example remote monitor: "%windir%\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe" -noprofile -command "& {Write-Output '{%^e:MacVncPassword^%}' }" Simply replace MacVNCPassword with the name of the computer EDF you want to reference. Note that this is replacement is agent side so you can’t use the EDF variable in the results field. You need to pass it as a parameter and have your monitor use the value and return output to indicate success or failure.
  5. DarrenWhite99

    Remove Continuum Agent Software

    You shouldn’t run a script you can’t see, but there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to read the script. You import the standard way by going to System-> Import-> XML File. Try importing twice (no, it shouldn’t matter) and restart Control Center. Then locate and open the script. If you still have trouble maybe jump into the LabTechGeek Slack, and ask in the Scripting channel.
  6. DarrenWhite99

    Does enableFIPSPolicy fix still work?

    Isn’t there a KB on FIPS compliance/operation?
  7. I will have to dig around.. It looks like Slack finally dropped off some of our older files. Don't hold your breath though, I probably won't refresh those until I need them myself. 😁
  8. DarrenWhite99

    Router address

    Actually, you jumped on @jgarrard. But who is nitpicking now? 😛
  9. DarrenWhite99

    Router address

    Nitpicking aside about all of the previous answers correctness, everyone is pointing to the same thing. Your problem is not in Automate, it is a bad NAT policy in your router/firewall/gateway device that is replacing the source address for client connections with your public IP. Its also a relatively simple networking concept. You may be better served by using hosted Automate and/or contracting with an MSP Consulting firm that can help with the problems that you will inevitably face that appear to be outside of your skillset. Not specifically endorsing anyone, but MetaMSP, ProValTech, and Kamino Consulting are some companies that you could look into. I would invite any other suggestions to be added to this topic as well for everyone’s benefit.
  10. DarrenWhite99

    Change logoff timeout setting

    This is a known (annoying) bug slated to be fixed in Patch 10. For now all that can be done is to grin and bear it (and watch closely for that Patch).
  11. DarrenWhite99

    Notify when a PC goes Online

    You need an alert template that trigger a script action. I recommend (If you don't have it already) an alert template called "Run Script" that just runs a script 24x7 as the only action. (I tried to cover that in the instructions.....)
  12. At the end of the alert message, add a pipe character, then your variables to pass. Separate multiple variables with pipes. Like: |MyVar=%NAME%|AnotherVar=%RESULT% Then you can use "@MyVar@" and "@AnotherVar@" in your script.
  13. It should be kept in the best Timezone, PST. (What I think actually messes things up is changing the date FORMAT, the timezone offset isn't a problem as long as you know/expect that you and your server are in the same timezone...)
  14. DarrenWhite99

    If else issue in scripts

    Maybe post a screenshot? Your psuedo-text doesn't quite match the script engine terminology, and so it's not clear if you have it setup right.
  15. DarrenWhite99

    PowerShell Deployment Scripts

    I'm going with "No". Computers.version contains the "Service Pack x" string, so that is the right place to be checking for it. Try running the following query: SELECT version FROM computers WHERE computerid=XXX with XXX being the correct computer id. Or it might be helpful to run the script using the debugger to learn more about what is going on. (After that step executes, the internal variable %sqlresult% should have the value returned by the query, you can see if the service pack is listed).