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  1. Cubert

    LabTechGeek Updates/Annoucements

    That should get your bank rolling! Thanks for the support you given me over the years! Cubert
  2. Cubert


    ** Announcement ** Chocolatey II Beta 6 is dead, no longer relevant to the current build being soft-released ........ Umm... Today.. Hey!!!!!! So everyone who has Beta 6 please be prepared to remove all tables and plugin as this is a major change in the Chocolatey plugin and will need to replace several of the tables with updates. We held of releasing until we got it right and boy did we get it right! You are going to love the easy of operation and the automation this plugin is providing. Come check it out at http://chocolatey.squidworks.net This is a soft release today for Wednesday Oct 1st. There maybe a last minute update to build 155 between now and Wednesday so make sure you check back often for possible updates. Enjoy Cubert :ugeek:
  3. Cubert


    Chocolatey NuGet II Plugin [Now Available] Postby Cubert » Sun Jun 07, 2015 5:23 pm That's Right!! The long awaited Chocolatey II plugin is now available to General Beta, Feel free to follow the URL to read up on the new plugin and to grab your copy! http://www.squidworks.net/2015/06/labtech-chocolatey-nuget-ii-plugin/ If you have any issues a nice small MSWord doc is supplied to assist you. If you have any issues please post them so we can get them resolved. Thanks and Enjoy! Cubert :ugeek:
  4. Cubert

    Control Center on Mac OSX

    sounds good, I would also suggest that if your in this environment that you can also look at creating a published app from Terminal Server then running the latest RDP client for Mac from Windows will give you all functionality including the Mapped L drive for the scripting libraries to work 100 %. We use this her and it is 100% perfect.
  5. Cubert


    Have a peek at what we are doing with V2, That will be the ultimate Choco Bomb. http://www.labtechgeek.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1063 Cubert
  6. Cubert


    That looked promising, kinda down the same road. I do not script the install in the plugin, instead I issue a CMD directly to the PC and monitor the status so you can see what the installer is doing when you push an application, but otherwise very similar. Great stuff tho!
  7. Cubert


    Ok we have a release ready 70 + Apps available in Beta version http://www.squidworks.net/2014/09/chocolatey-plugin-for-labtech/
  8. Cubert


    Guys, Chocolatey is spot on, it just needed to be integrated into Labtech a wee bit more. So here it is - > The Chocolatey Plugin for Labtech http://www.labtechgeek.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1042 Cubert :ugeek:
  9. Cubert

    M$ - Group Policy References

    Jeeses, do I have to build it all? You know if I pick this up, you all will be inundated with plugin releases that add single features until you want to puke. Do we really want to go there or can we maybe talk to M$ and see if they will take a few weeks to put something together for us? Maybe not... Hmmm..
  10. Ok Version is now available. Now includes Linux probe support. Cubert :ugeek:
  11. I just released version available for download at http://www.squidworks.net/2014/05/labtech-vmware-esxi-heath-monitor-plugin-v3/ Several new additions, it now monitors as it should and a few code corrections. Go have a peek
  12. Also guys there is an update to Version 2 available on site, Version 2.2 of the probe script has been release and can be imported in and then set in the Group as a new scheduled script to run every 2-4 hours. This new probe script fixes a typeo in script when you set the monitor to uninstall. It fails to do so due to a in correct SQL call. This new update fixes that. Update download here under "Addendum Update:" http://www.squidworks.net/2014/04/labtech-esxi-host-hardware-monitor/
  13. Hey New version 3 Plugin of the ESXi Monitor is now available. http://www.squidworks.net/2014/05/labtech-vmware-esxi-heath-monitor-plugin-v3/ Go have a peak, This will run side by side with Version 2 and is suggested during Beta phase as alerting is not yet in place. Enjoy Cubert. :ugeek:
  14. I am re exporting all scripts again this time all individually then zipping each script, deleting all old packages off web site and re-uploading zip. Give it 10 minutes and try again. Size now is 65.107KB zipped with WinRar Zip should look like this:
  15. I re-exported the scripts,group and search and rezipped them and posted to site. File size should be 65207KB. Try your DL again. Cubert :geek: