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  1. LabTechRob

    Create a Task Schedule entry with Automate

    Perhaps a pure DOS application of the task will work better? I've little experience with powershell I'm afraid but I can tell you this runs just fine by the LSA and for me thru LabTech: schtasks.exe /Create /RU system /NP /RL HIGHEST /SC ONEVENT /MO "*[System[Provider[@Name='Windows-ApplicationModel-Store-SDK'] and EventID=4]]" /EC "Microsoft-Windows-Store/Operational" /TN "TW - Block Windows Store" /TR "powershell.exe -Command Stop-Process -ProcessName WinStore.App -Force" /f That command creates a scheduled task which actives a kill command when the Windows Store is run and I think it can be made to suit your purpose as well.
  2. Tomorrow we will be releasing the next version of Third Wall - Version 2.2. Many of these changes came at the request of our users. Thank you for your input! Some changes to note: Added policy: USB Wall. This policy allows you to disable all USB Storage devices at a location, except for the devices you approve. USB Device approval is done on the Client screen and allows you to assign an owner. Once done, any file transfers to that USB Device are logged and viewable in a DataView. Added policy: Disable Terminal Services. Allows you to select workstation only, server only or both. Modified policy: Restrict Local Administration Tools. You now have a checkbox to: 'Exempt Local and Domain Administrator Accounts from this policy' Modified policy: Rename Local Administrator account & Set Local Administrator Password: There is now a checkbox to: 'Auto-Enable Administrator account if disabled.' Modified policy: Alert on Unencrypted Disk now has a 'Apply ONLY to laptops' checkbox option. Modified policy: All internet blocks are now accomplished by use of the 'hosts' file. This eliminates the dependency on 'Enable Windows Firewall'. Added 'Except All' button to computer screen. Added comprehensive Third Wall utilization DataView Added temp file detection and deletion to 'Schedule Secure Free-Space Delete' Thank you to everyone who reported a bug or requested a feature. We're listening! If you already have Third Wall then you will see an 'Update Available' button on your Location Screen. To update your Third Wall plugin, just press that button. If you don't yet have Third Wall, here's a quick rundown of many of our features: http://www.third-wall.com/features Nutshell: Security policies for your Windows customers right through LabTech!
  3. Exchange servers have multiple files they use for the database so when determining the mail server's database size, you need to include two (or more) files in your calculations. Were this one file, it'd be very simple to setup as a LabTech monitor. How solve for two or more files? My preference is with a .vbs script. Enclosed is such a script that will look at the following files (they are hardcoded), adds their file sizes and outputs the result. strEDBPath = "C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\msbdata\priv1.edb" strSTMPath = "C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\mdbdata\priv1.stm" While you could easily create a LabTech script that runs the .vbs and calls an alert template if the result is found greater then {x}, I prefer to use actual LabTech monitors, wherever possible. To fold an external script into a LabTech monitor, I first used the monitor wizard to 'Monitor the results of an executable'. Next, I supplied the following parameters: Executable: %windir%\system32\cscript.exe Arguments: /nologo %windir%\windows\ltsvc\my.doin.stuff.script.vbs Click thru the rest of the monitor as appropriate and that's almost it. Just don't forget to push your script to the LTSVC directory on any computer you plan on running your script on! (to use the enclosed script, remove the '.not.zip' from the filename) Happy LabTechIng, -Rob get.2003.exchange.db.size.vbs.not.zip
  4. LabTechRob

    Proxy Deployment Assistant

    If you've ever deployed LT agents within a proxied environment, you know you need to make a registry edit to each computer before it can check into the LabTech server. Use the enclosed script to create a custom script you can use to make those registry changes for you. Rename and run the enclosed and you'll be prompted for three items: Proxy Server Address, Proxy Username & Proxy Password. Fill out the fields with the local name of your proxy server (or the IP address for the same) and the proxy server's credentials and click 'Write Proxy Script!'. You'll then have a new .vbs script named 'enable.LT.proxy.vbs' which will change those registry valuse for you. LabTech Proxy Deployment Tool.zip