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  2. Hi! Our Office 365 Business Premium installations has for some reason started to fail. We havent change anything in the scripts from when it was working until now when it dosent work anymore. Has MS change anything on how to deploy office 365? Can someone please review our script and XML file? This is how our script looks like It manage to download the setup file and write the configuration file to the client. It saying that it fails in step 33. That LOG entry is saying " Installation falied" The XML file looks like this Even when I open a command prompt locally on the client and use the setup file and the xml file by typing this (setup.exe /configure configuration_32bEN.xml) it dosent install. It will not create the OfficeSetup.txt file in the %temp% folder so I cant see what it is doing. Can you see any missconfiguration in the script? As I said, it has been working, strange. Thanks in advanced!
  3. Did you figure this out? I'm having issues with getting the .msi installed via labtech
  4. Hello, We are running into issues executing DeskDirector via automate. Has anyone been able to succesfully deploy deskdirector .msi via automate? I have a feeling the issue is it needs to run as the logged in user
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  6. IHT_Michael

    Script to append entry to hosts file

    Nevermind, I imported the script and it worked for editing the hosts file. Thanks Mark!
  7. IHT_Michael

    Script to append entry to hosts file

    I can't get that XML script to import. Did you guys resolve this? I've been trying to get the Labtech script to edit the hosts file, but it just doesn't. The code works when running as admin from the local machine, but it just won't work from a script using SHELL or SHELL AS ADMIN.
  8. Thank for this, I am a Very VERY novice SQL guy but I had to make a small edit in the condition -- 'disk' needed to be 'disk%' Then it ran with no errors.
  9. Hi All, First post, sorry if this is the wrong place or I'm asking the wrong question. I'm a noob to Labtech Scripting and our Tools Admin is on a long PTO, but basically trying to run this command to push a Windows 10 update from a network share. It works from command line on the computer so it's not permissions or a bad command, but when I push through Labtech it hangs on waiting no matter which computer I try. It never fails, just hangs. I run Shell as admin: start /wait \\Location\setup.exe /auto upgrade /compat IgnoreWarning /DynamicUpdate disable /showoobe none /uninstall enable This is connectwise cloud. If anyone has any thoughts I would love to hear. Again, I'm new so please don't flame if I'm not supposed to be asking this here. Thanks.
  10. owlmatt

    You can delete

    I think wrong area, you can delete.
  11. drode

    Custom S.M.A.R.T. monitor

    Ah! I made a couple small tweaks, but that is what I needed! As far as I can tell, it is doing what I want it to do. Thank you for the help!
  12. lgs141

    Computer Warranty Updater (HP/Dell/Lenovo)

    I'm experiencing the same problem. The Lenovo and Dell updaters work great though. @DarrenDK appreciate you've shared your personal script, but you around?
  13. Griznuq

    ShadowCopy Enabled?

    Heya folks, I'd like to put together a dataview, or perhaps a monitor that identifies servers that do not have ShadowCopy enabled... Anyone have anything like that already?
  14. Hey guys, At a previous employer we had a plugin that would let us create AD accounts in our customers domains from one window. We would enter an ID and password in one pane and then select all of the customers in another and it would go out and create the account in the selected customers. We used it to create accounts for our engineers so they didn't have to use a generic account. I wasn't the admin and I don't remember the name of the plugin. Has anyone used this tool before? The AD plugin included with LabTech only imports users into contacts, it doesn't push accounts down. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Duane Tackett
  15. jmaxwell


    @Gavsto Thank you for that sql . If i need to make a new thread I can but I am having issues with configuring Norton Security with Backup. As OP stated, I have gone through the documentation from connectwise. Still can't get this av config to work. Can anyone assist? Here is my config so far:
  16. Randleman

    Office patching

    Hi all, Curious on what everyone else's patching policy is for office patching. I got a few clients that are having issues because of not receiving them and want to enable all for them. But other sites have plugins that im sure will probably work still but that IF chance that is restricting me on doing that. Thoughts and reasons on either side? Thanks as always
  17. Max

    APC SmartConnect Plugin

    Hey guys... Any update on this? We've installed the plugin ourselves but so far, its not showing the devices we've registered properly with APC SmartConnect. Would like to know the secret to making this plugin work. - Thanks!
  18. Is there a way for me to reference a computer extra data field variable in a remote monitor?
  19. itinfserv

    Map networked printer

    Hey Guys, Having a bit of a 'mare trying to manage / map printers. We want to be able to silently map network printers that are on a print server. There is no Group Policy in play here (users are Azure AD joined). Anyone have a way around this? The way I can see this working (and would prefer not to go this route) is as follows: Download Drivers to local C:\ drive Run powershell as Admin: Add-PrinterDriver Run Console Execute: Add-Printer I want to avoid the Download of drivers to the C drive, but it is an option if we have to. This method also works should they not have a print server and want to connect direct to the printer. Thanks
  20. Wade

    Dataview Creator on v12

    I can't find this and i'm on patch 9. Can you give me a quick rundown of how to access the property setting(s)? Note: Legacy menu is already enabled.
  21. MGreen

    Custom S.M.A.R.T. monitor

    So the v_smartattributes isn't a table but a view which is basically a custom sql query created to gather data from multiple tables and saved into a view permanently so you don't have to keep running the same query again and again to pull the informatino you want to see. This view has the DriveID which identifies the specific drives talked about, in this case you can use something like AND (v_smartattributes.attributeid <> 195 AND v_smartattributes.driveID IN (Select DriveID from Drives where SSD=1)) So your entire block would be v_smartattributes.Threshold > 0 AND ((Computers.Flags & 2048) <> 2048) AND (computers.os NOT LIKE 'Mac OS X%' AND computers.os NOT LIKE 'Linux%') AND v_smartattributes.attributeid <> 190 AND (v_smartattributes.attributeid <> 195 AND v_smartattributes.driveID IN (Select DriveID from Drives where SSD=1)) AND Computers.LastContact > DATE_ADD(NOW(),INTERVAL -15 MINUTE) or something like that. This is all without testing but gives you an idea of what you can do, and there are definitely "better" ways of doing this as well as I'm definitely not a master of SQL
  22. MGreen

    Router address

    Wow I'm on a roll lol. Fixed.
  23. This is great! Thanks for the quick reply. Having my team try this out right away!
  24. I have this information in a Remote monitor. I cover how to setup remote monitors here: https://gavsto.com/remote-monitor-trigger-an-alert-when-a-profile-goes-above-a-certain-size-including-setup-tips-for-remote-monitors/ But instead run this in the Executable / Arguments: "C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe" -NoProfile -command "& {(gp -path \"HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\").svcVersion}" You can then filter out the data using the monitors: You can filter by Client Name in the same windows as well as export to Excel using the options dropdown in the same Window.
  25. Need some help here. We need to find ALL the browser versions installed in a client environment. I would have thought it would be a simple advanced searched looking for IE but it is not. We were able to use this to find Chrome and Mozilla but no combination of parameters seems to find IE. We even stumped Automate Support. I was going to try RegHog for this since it is a free plugin but no love there either. There is a simple Reg Query that pulls it but I have no easy way I know of to execute this against a couple hundred endpoints... reg query "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer" /v svcVersion Any suggestions?? Thanks! Scott
  26. danielss1

    Custom Web-Control Center themes

    Yeh that is true, but the main (only) reason I use the Web Control is for the Request Support Session feature, which doesn't seem to be available with /Automate
  27. bigdessert

    Custom Web-Control Center themes

    Don't waste time on WCC2 use /automate. WCC2 will go away once /automate becomes feature complete.
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