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  5. PowerShell Version Roles

    Version 1.0.1


    This bundle will add the following Role Definition: PowerShell And the following Sub-Definitions: PowerShell 1 PowerShell 2 PowerShell 3 PowerShell 4 PowerShell 5 PowerShell 6 To import these Role Definitions, in the ConnectWise Automate main screen, go to Tools > Import -> SQL File. Browse to the relevant file, and OK the message about inserting 7 rows.
  6. HP Proliant Server Roles

    Version 1.0.0


    This bundle will create the following Role: HP Server And the following sub-roles: HP Server - Gen6 HP Server - Gen7 HP Server - Gen8 HP Server - Gen9 HP Server - Gen10 I don't do a lot with HP servers, so these roles are not heavily tested. If you see anything detected incorrectly, please let me know so that I can update the role detection definition. To import these Role Definitions, in the ConnectWise Automate main screen, go to Tools > Import -> SQL File. Browse to the relevant file, and OK the message about inserting 6 rows.
  7. Dell Server Roles

    Version 1.0.0


    This bundle will create the following Role: Dell Server And the following sub-roles: Dell Server - 3G Dell Server - 4G Dell Server - 5G Dell Server - 6G Dell Server - 7G Dell Server - 8G Dell Server - 9G Dell Server - 10G Dell Server - 11G Dell Server - 12G Dell Server - 13G Dell Server - 14G Let me know if you find anything incorrectly detected, there are some odd ones prior to Gen10/11, and Gen14 is brand new so I have nothing in production to test against yet. To import these Role Definitions, in the ConnectWise Automate main screen, go to Tools > Import -> SQL File. Browse to the relevant file, and OK the message about inserting 13 rows.
  8. Backup Assist

    Version 1.0.0


    This role definition checks for the installation of Backup Assist on an agent by detecting whether the Backup Assist service exists. To import these Role Definitions, in the ConnectWise Automate main screen, go to Tools > Import then choose SQL File. Browse to the relevant file, and OK the message about inserting one row.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    This role definition detects, using the Hyper-V role as a parent role, any Hyper-V server that has replication enabled. This then is used in a search that populates a group I have full of tests to ensure replication is healthy. To import these Role Definitions, in the ConnectWise Automate main screen, go to Tools > Import then choose SQL File. Browse to the relevant file, and OK the message about inserting one row.
  10. Bitlocker Enabled

    Version 1.0.0


    This role definition detects when Bitlocker is enabled on a machine. To import these Role Definitions, in the ConnectWise Automate main screen, go to Tools > Import then choose SQL File. Browse to the relevant file, and OK the message about inserting one row.
  11. RSS Feed to Slack

    RSS Feed to Slack channel #rssfeed-ltgeek should have been fixed keep an eye and please let the admins know if you notice it not working.
  12. Forum Search Issues

    FWIW, I have used the search a few times, and I believe it found the posts I was looking for without issue.. (One search didn't get the matches I wanted, but I believe that was because nobody had posted something on the topic, not necessarily that the search didn't work right.) And yes, when you are in a forum or reading a topic the search is limited to the current context by default and doesn't search site wide.. But hitting the "More search options" after searching, or clicking the dropdown next to the search box and changing "This topic" or "This forum" to "All Content" before searching easily gets me moving with full site searching. Thank you very much for resolving thing.. (Now if only you could detect all URLs beginning with labtechgeek.com and ending with a period or a comma and separating the extra character from the URL, that would be awesome and would fix many broken post links.... See https://www.labtechgeek.com/topic/3715-mac-os-x-installer-configsh/?do=findComment&comment=22816 for an example...)
  13. Forum Search Issues

    Did you search within a topic or forum? The new search system is kinda odd. For example, if you try to search while viewing this thread, it will only search this thread unless you change it from "This Thread" to "All Content" or another choice.
  14. Forum Search Issues

    I've tried some basic searches like "install", then "install date", then "install date equals today" All returned no results. That doesn't seem right
  15. Analyze ExecuteScript Function

    Version 1.1.0


    This function script should be called right before and after the "Execute Script" function. It will catch the temporary script as it is written to the agent, preserve a copy, and check for Non-ASCII characters that can break script execution. When called a second time, it will retrieve the information gathered. The saved file and analysis log file are also left on the agent for additional investigation if needed.
  16. Forum Search Issues

    We've done a complete reindex of the search for the forums, and it seems to have resolved a bunch of the issues with the searching. If you continue to have any issues, please post here and we'll be sure to check them out! Thanks! LabTechGeek Staff
  17. Reset Agent ID

    Version 1.0.0


    This script will force the CWA Agent to re-register with the server, hopefully with new ID. It does this by clearing the current MAC and ID values, which should cause the agent to be detected as new. This can be used when multiple agents are sharing the same ID. In the future, I plan to make a universal reset, since the Agent OS detection is not suitable when two agents with different OS are sharing the same ID. The commands used can also be pulled out and sent manually through a remote shell, or through the CWControl agent.
  18. Version 1.0.0


    This bundle contains the three following scripts: FUNCTION - Check For Pending Reboot Checks to determine if a Reboot is needed. Sets "@RebootPending@=1" if a restart is required. "@RebootReason@" will contain the reasons a reboot was required, if any were found. If @RebootReason@ includes "!", the reboot is required. Process PendingFileRenameOperations This script will attempt to process pending file operations that would otherwise require a restart to complete. This may allow a reboot to be avoided. Perform Computer Restart* This script will execute a restart and sleep until the computer has restarted successfully. The script will wait 30 minutes before exiting with an error. Variable "@RebootPending@" used to return Reboot Status. @RebootPending@ = 0 if reboot successful @RebootPending@ = 255 if reboot failed
  19. ScriptletsPack

    Version 1.0.0


    This bundle contains separate SQL imports to add the following Scriptlets: Check If Agent Is Online - Just checks if the agent has a recent contact timestamp, and branches based on the result. Example Loop - A simple loop (Like in the Scripting Lab) to execute a loop repeatedly until it reaches the specified limit. Example SQL Loop - A more complex loop that uses the SQL Get Dataset function to retrieve a recordset and loop through the results. Exit If Not Windows OS - Basic 2 line script starter to abort if the agent is not running a windows OS. Pause Script Until Remote Commands are Retrieved - A OS Neutral command that guarantees that the script will halt until the agent picks up the command and returns the result. Useful for pacing some operations that can fail if executed out of order. In times past, not all remote commands would pause the script. A "Create Folder" and a "Copy File" command could be scripted one after the other, but both could end up queued at the same time, and the agent might start the copy before the folder has been created. Also useful after executing an agent restart or service restart, ensures that the agent is checking in again. The Script Wait allows additional time to pass before continuing the script execution. Run Temporary Batch or Shell Script - Largely replaced by the Execute Script function for Windows, but still useful for OSX/Linux. (And still works fine with Windows). This scriptlet generates a random filename, writes the script contents to the file, executes and then removes the script from the agent. To import a scriptlet, just use the Tools->Import->SQL function in Control Center (Or load the file contents into a Query Editor in SQLYog).
  20. The GeekCast 1.0!

    Thanks to everyone who joined us! We had a fantastic turn out and a fantastic engagement from the community. BIG thanks to our guests and I hope we can get another one of these done soon! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHpF9bOo8HA
  21. The GeekCast 1.0!

    ANOTHER LIVE STREAM YOU SAY? WHEN YOU SAY? WHO YOU SAY? We are on tonight for another live stream! Sorry for the late notice on this one community, but we wanted to make sure we had some special guests! (and boy are they special!) So for what we are dubbing currently the "GeekCast" is a podcast that will discuss all wide ranging things from what we do, how our thought processes work, how we accomplish task and other amazing things. Myself and Tyler (@hikato) will be running this for now and we will attempt to have guests on the show. Yes, this will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel. We will also attempt to answer some questions from the twitch chat if possible and doesn't interrupt the show too much. GET ON WITH WHO'S GOING TO BE ON Fine...Fine.. At 7:30 PM Eastern Time, The GeekCast will host Darren White (@DarrenWhite99) and Chris Taylor (@CTaylor)! We look forward to you joining us on this momentous occasion at the same place (Twitch.tv/labtechgeek).
  22. The New Forums

    Welcome to New LabTechGeek! Welcome! As you can see there are some differences between our old setup and the new one. We've been looking at doing something like this for a long time and now we have! We also have a "Downloads" section as well! Whats that you say? Yes we are going to host downloads, and do things with them. More on that later. Since we have migrated to a new system there may be a few bugs we are working out. Some links may not translate, files might be missing from posts, etc. While we may not be able to fix the links, we should be able to get the files. We will be putting up a support forum for this case. Blogging 101: We will be having a new section! I have no idea what I'm doing...but you might! If you'd like to host a blog for cool things like "Scripts" and "SQL" or something completely off the wall like "API's" just shoot myself (Kspooner) or any of the other admin staff a PM on here or slack. With this PM please include a short blurb of what your first blog would be about so we can evaluate your writing style and content. Download The Internet: We will be slowly turning on this feature as we evaluate bandwidth and resource usage on our system. To upload to our downloads section you will require permissions to each section we offer. To those creators who want to offer downloads from our site, please reach out to me or one of the other admins. So thank you, community for giving back to yourselves. Most people are here to help others, and get help when needed so its amazing that you guys contributed enough so we could do this for you. A big big thanks from all of us. - Kyle Spooner (@Kspooner)
  23. Version 1.0.0


    This script forces an update of the Active Directory remote plugin and tries to push in the most up to date information.
  24. LabTechGeek LiveStream

    Thanks to everyone who came out and joined us, we peaked at 50 concurrent viewers! Thats amazing for our first run through! Again, as stated in the video (posted below) we want to do this more. We want your help in doing so. Do you want to run a livestream? Do you want a specific topic covered? Would you watch a podcast with members of the community? Let us know here. Since some of you skipped most of the above, here is the video!
  25. LabTechGeek LiveStream

    Not right after, but they will be uploaded to our youtube channel.
  26. LabTechGeek LiveStream

    This sounds great, will a recording be available after the stream has ended?
  27. LabTechGeek LiveStream

    Good (Time Of Day) Everyone! I personally will be host a LTG livestream tonight at 6:30 PM Eastern Time. I will be covering how the REST API works in ConnectWise Manage utilizing Python 3.6. We will be gathering data and updating tickets and information from that data. I will go over the basics of how to interact with CWM so you can get the best out of your Manage Solution. We may even do some stuff with CWAutomate as well! So stop on by and learn something! https://go.twitch.tv/labtechgeek TIME CONVERSION:https://imgur.com/a/rv0Bc
  28. Remove A Dead ScreenConnect Service

    Certified Spoon friendly.
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